WWE News – Pros and Cons of Selling to Netflix

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A billion people watch WWE every week, and we’re not talking about the small group of die-hards who follow their favorite stars on social media. We’re talking about the millions of people who enjoy the sport for its death-defying stunts, emotional storylines, and captivating characters.

The company’s business focuses on three main segments: Entertainment (2005-present), Live Events (2004-2017), and Ticket Sales and Marketing (2007-2017). It also owns a number of subsidiaries that focus on promoting, producing, and licensing content, including WWE Studios and WWE Music Group.

Its biggest division is WWE Entertainment, which produces television shows, movies, and other live events. Other subsidiaries include WWE Studios, which creates and develops feature film properties; WWE Jet Services, which provides private jet services; and WWE Performance Center, which trains current and future WWE wrestlers.

Pros and Cons of Selling to Netflix

A sale could open up a whole new world of opportunity for WWE, especially if it’s acquired by a streaming service. The streaming platform could use the WWE’s global appeal and a stable of blue-collar IP to build its own live-action sports series or movie-based TV shows.

However, a sale would probably require some strings to be attached to it. McMahon would likely want a more hands-on role, and a buyer would need to be confident that its head of creative, Paul Levesque, is committed to staying around long-term.