Then Vs. Now: A Look Back At Angela Lansbury’s Life – The List

Angela Lansbury worked on her first film set at the age of 17 — and for the rest of the girl life, she never really slowed down. In fact , she continued appearing on stage and screen well into her 90s. “The bottom line is I really don’t know how to relax to the degree that I could just stop, ” she told CBS in 2009. “So, when something comes along and is presented to me and I think, ‘I could have some fun doing that, ‘ or I think, ‘I could bring something to that, ‘ I’ll do it. inch

A few years later, at the age of 86, Lansbury was still going strong after having both hips and knees replaced. “[My stamina]  keeps coming back, and I can’t account for it, inch she informed The Gentlewoman . “I don’t have a routine or a regimen. ” Her only explanation was that her grandfather, a well-known British politician, used to walk all over London in order to visit constituents. She said, “I believe stamina is built into my constitution. ”

In 2018, at 93 years old, she appeared in the girl final movie, “Buttons, inch a musical that also starred Dick Van Dyke.