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America’s Got Talent   is an endless display of skill, and the person with the pleasure of hosting these jaw-dropping Acts is  AGT ‘s pec-popping king,   Terry Deck hands .  

Dancing his  way to the   AGT   stage in 2019 , Crews instantly became a fan favorite. Bringing a perfect combination of comedy and heart to the table, Crews never fails to make viewers smile while web hosting the hit talent competition. Crews is never afraid to jump onstage to support the particular competing Acts, and as  AGT  fans know, it’s not unusual for Crews’ iconic pectorals to make the occasional appearance.  

Let’s look at some of the most memorable times Deck hands went shirtless for the   AGT   crowd.  

That time Terry Crews played the flute shirtless

When Crews began hosting  AGT , he made a hilarious first impression on viewers and Judges when he performed the flute shirtless after an Act’s rocky Audition. After a good Act humorously struggled in order to play the flute to Ginuwine’s “Pony, ” Deck hands, a known flutist, got on phase to show  AGT   fans some of his own musical chops. Of course, Crews completed the solo in his signature shirtless fashion.  

Terry Crews will be AGT ’s endless hype man

Crews doesn’t need much of an excuse to take off his shirt. After all, the former bodybuilder plus NFL player made the name with regard to himself by pec-popping their way into television, advertising, and film projects. When Crews isn’t kicking it on the  AGT   stage, he is hyping the particular Acts up over social media. For the Season 16  AGT   Live Finale, Crews posted an  Instagram   of himself dancing shirtless in order to “Satisfaction” to get followers and Finalists excited for a thrilling end to the particular season. Crews sure knows how to get the fans going!

Terry Deck hands stripped down to teach  “Pec-Popping 101”

While Crews makes popping pecs look easy, some technical skill is required in the particular art associated with pec-popping. Luckily,   AGT ‘s Host with the most pecs is here in order to teach  AGT   enthusiasts how it’s done with a helpful tutorial. The lesson, obviously, required Crews to take his shirt off, but with his guide, fans are on their way in order to pec-popping success too. Remember: “I must, I must, I must increase my bust! ”

Terry Crews attempted to break the shirt-ripping world record

Crews brought shirtless heroism to the particular next level when this individual took upon David Rush in attempt to defeat their world record for T-shirt ripping. Crews was challenged with ripping off 30 shirts in under a minute, resulting in a wildly chaotic performance.  

Lewberger dedicated a hilarious song to Terry Crews

The comedy musical group Lewberger took in order to the  AGT   stage to show Deck hands some love with their original song inspired by him. Did that performance include taking off their own shirts in honor of Crews? Of course. Did Crews jump on stage and join within on the shirtless shenanigans? Duh!

BONUS: Howie stripped straight down with Rock Hard Revue

Crews isn’t the only one to get shirtless during an  AGT Season casting. Once upon a time in 2014,   Howie Mandel   jumped onstage to join the Rock Hard Revue, the male review Act that will stripped lower for their fun-filled Audition. Mandel’s goofy performance was wild enough in order to get  Heidi Klum   up from her chair screaming regarding more, so you could say it was a success.

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