Nikki MacCallum is bringing her one woman musical comedy show to the Woolen Mill Comedy Club in Bridgewater on Saturday – Mountaintimes

It’s titled, “Things I Know Now…” and Nikki McCallum will teach you everything she wished she’d learned before reaching adulthood, in song.

McCallum described the show plus said, “It’s an hour of stand-up comedy infused with original comedy songs. ” 

I love this kind of comedy so I’m really hoping to make the show. I’ve seen comedians do songs with a guitar but MacCallum’s is even more original since she plays piano. MacCallum, 38, has been doing stand-up for four years but has been playing the particular piano given that she was 6.  

She said, “My mom was my piano teacher growing up and she literally let me quit every extracurricular activity except the piano and I absolutely hated playing piano. It gave me massive performance anxiety and am hated practicing. We used to get within the biggest fights because she always knew when I wasn’t practicing (which has been most of the time) because We lived along with her. One time I tried to fake a sprained finger to get out of actively playing in a piano recital and my mom called my bluff and made me play anyway. I actually remember after one associated with our greatest fights she said: ‘You will not stop the keyboard and one day you will thank me’ … Thanks, mom. ”

MacCallum’s always been around music. Besides her mother, both the girl grandfather plus uncle were jazz pianists. She grew up in Hamilton, Massachusetts, just north of Boston. She sang in choirs and did musicals as well as a ton of theatre. She and I have something in common, we both played the clarinet in the school band and both sucked at it. We still have mine but her parents gave hers away to Goodwill.

MacCallum’s background is in performance and he or she went on in order to NYU with regard to musical theatre. She auditioned for the lot associated with shows and did book some but it had been getting grueling. She stated, “They call it ‘sixteen bars’ in the particular Broadway circuit for auditions where you obtain to just sing 16 bars, which is less than 30 seconds of music. I found auditioning was about singing a song the way someone else did it. I was getting frustrated and unfulfilled so I took a step back from performing for a little bit plus started writing. I actually co-wrote the script regarding a musical that ran on Off-Broadway for a while and I took several years and wrote a book, in 2019. ” 

That musical will be “Matchmaker I’m Willing to Settle! ” which the girl collaborated with Brandon James Gwinn (who wrote the particular music) and Kelvin Moon Loh (co-writer). It was the musical about internet dating, premiered within 2012 plus ran in Boston and New York. Her book is called “Dry Run. ”

MacCallum found stand-up humor while she was composing because the lady realized she missed carrying out. She mentioned, “Stand-up comedy was the perfect marriage of performing plus writing. I actually loved doing my own stuff. ” 

Everyone I interview tells me their first show was not amazing andMacCallum was no exception considering that she said she attempted to block them out. Her first display was in Dangerfield’s within New You are able to, that is now closed.  

She stated, “Some associated with the best advice We ever got was don’t afraid in order to be bad. ” 

You’ll find out she’s not really. MacCallum performs all over yet mostly in New York.

MacCallum said ideas for tunes always pop in the girl head but she usually writes the lyrics first. Very rarely does the melody come first. She tries to dedicate time for creating but it never seems to work out that way. The girl may be on a run or away and regarding so the girl attempts to jot it down in a notebook. If she’s still thinking about this days later, she’ll dedicate time to fully write it. The theme of her songs vary but the lady said all the tracks in the girl show here on Nov. 5 have a lesson in them.

She’s created and starred in three one-woman comedic cabarets within New York, two of which garnered MAC Award nominations which are presented annually to honor achievements in cabaret, comedy and jazz. Those three were almost all directed by Loh.   This show is her first with all original songs. Her favorite song in the show is usually “Cleanse, ” which is definitely about the 1st time she went on a juice cleanse.

Some of the girl comedic influences include Rachel Bloom who does it just about all like her: actor, comedian, musician. The lady also loves Tig Notaro and Beth Stelling.  

MacCallum thanks Matt Vita of the Woolen Mill Comedy Club as this show was his idea and would not have been produced had he not given her a deadline.  

Her Instagram handle can be @nikkimacncheese, that’s where the girl mainly posts from. She’s trying to perform more TikTok and gain followers plus that is certainly the same @nikkimacncheese. You also see a great variety associated with material upon her website: nikki-maccallum. com. This is a show not to be missed. Nikki MacCallum loves bringing humor in order to things people are afraid to talk about yet we’re most experiencing. She said, “Not to become cliche but I love making people laugh. I really like turning tragedy into comedy. ”