16 kids from local and international schools in Singapore have been chosen to star as the von Trapp children within the Sound of Music – one of the world’s most beloved musicals showing at the theatre from November!

Hands up if you are excited to see The Sound of Songs musical when it comes to Sands Theater on 22 November 2022! We certainly are, which is why we are super thrilled to be able to introduce you to the particular local child actors who were successful in their auditions for the von Trapp family kids! After two days of intense auditioning associated with close in order to 400 kids, the musical’s touring creatives, who flew in through Broadway, picked out sixteen of the most talented young actors for the particular coveted roles. The kids aged from 7 to 15 will perform six of the seven von Trapp children in rotation as cutiepie Gretl, Kurt, Friedrich, Marta, Brigitta, and Louisa. We chat with some associated with the children about what it was like auditioning for the functions, their experience acting, favourite scenes from The Sound of Music and more!

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16 SG-based kids star since the von Trapp children in The Sound associated with Music

Casting of the Singapore children for that vonseiten Trapp children within the Audio of Music:

Gretl is played by Claire Sim (8), Hillary Foo (8), plus Maya Sharma (7).
Marta will be played by Anna Maurer-Stroh (10), Jessica Kitamura (11), and Yza Gabrielle Borromeo Galler (9).
Brigitta is performed by Isabella Fairhall (11), Sofia Rose Chamberlain (11), and Honor Grace Ward (8).
Kurt is usually played simply by Ren Nakao (11), Vivaan Lalvani (11), and Travis Teo (12).
Louisa is played by Gabby Tay (15), Chloe Mackie (14), and Jennifer Wilkinson (12).
Friedrich is definitely played by Stanley Yuan (11).

singapore von trapp kids sound of music

Let’s get to know some of the Singapore-based kids playing the von Trapp kids in The Sound of Music…

Gabby Tay as Louisa von Trapp

Gabby Tay because Louisa vonseiten Trapp
Age 15, SJI International

Have long have you already been involved in acting and singing?
I’ve been performing for 11 years now, and I have been performing for 5 years. I take drama as a subject in school plus I currently take singing lessons in MADDspace with Mr John Khoo, along with online Skype private performing lessons along with Miss Claire Hosterman.

What was the audition like?
It was like a miracle and a dream and also super nerve-wracking to see hundreds of children waiting in a room with regard to a few hours, auditioning for the same tasks as me with their parents anxiously waiting around. I couldn’t help but compare myself to the other contestants, wondering if I was good enough and already mentally preparing myself regarding rejection. That makes me 1 million more times grateful and shocked that We got the particular role! Between auditions and during lunch, all the kids in the theater would sing songs from the musical together, which made my heart so full as we were all sharing the joy together plus I had never been in a room with so many people with the same interests since me before.

Any advice for some other kids who aspire in order to be on the stage?
My advice is that while you should work hard and make sure your performances are polished, never forget to have fun and enjoy performing! Singing and acting should never feel like the chore; it’s something that comes from the heart, which can’t be faked. I’ve also learnt the hard way that while comparing yourself to others can be perfectly normal, everyone is certainly on their own journey and sometimes you have to wait for the right opportunities to arrive!

Do you understand what you are interested in doing as a career when you are older?
I actually don’t know much, yet I definitely want in order to work in theatre either as a performer, director or producer!!

How many  times have you  watched Requirements of Songs film?
Hmmmm, I have absolutely no idea because I’ve watched it way too many times since I was born. My whole family are fans of The Sound of Music, therefore probably over 10 occasions!

What is your preferred song within the music?
My favourite song is probably ‘Edelweiss’ because it was one of the first songs I ever learnt because a child, so it holds some sense of nostalgia for me. Knowing that I will get to sing this song upon stage this particular November is really magical!

What is your favorite scene?
My most liked scene will be when Maria meets the children and they all march out plus introduce themselves because the particular dialogue is usually very catchy and memorable, and it is the scene where the children’s personalities are sort of revealed.

Maya Sharma as Gretl von Trapp

Maya Sharma since Gretl von Trapp
Age seven, River Valley Primary School

You started musical theatre lessons when you were just 6? What got you interested in episode and singing?
I always loved to perform; Mom, Dad and the grandparents were always actively playing lots associated with English, Chinese and Hindi music intended for me. I was chosen in order to play the particular role of the mouse in our kindergarten to get a production of ‘The Gruffalo’ and I really enjoyed it. After that, I always wanted to do some performing and performing, as this is the most fun thing to do in the whole world.

Do you take lessons?
I have been working once or twice a week with my music showstoppers teacher for almost a year right now.

How has been the season casting process?
Just the few days before the particular audition, We did not do as well as I experienced hoped for in another music/dance audition. I actually did not want to go for your audition as a result due to the fact I had been quite disappointed but my parents and teachers encouraged me to brush it off plus try my best again. I felt much happier as I simply enjoyed every round associated with the auditions and we were being taught so many things. I furthermore enjoyed eating at a lot of new restaurants at the Marina Bay Sands during the breaks.

How do you feel about becoming the youngest actor on stage? How perform you manage your nerves?
I felt a little shy occasionally as the older actors are much better than me personally but they were very nice to me during the particular audition and the adults made this quite funny at times. I was a bit scared when the adults had been a bit strict yet it had been ok as some of the teachers at school, drama plus singing are usually even stricter.

How numerous times possess you viewed The Audio of Music film?
Can I say 1000 periods because it is a very big number? I don’t know, I did not count but a lot!

Are a person similar to Gretl, the character a person are playing in The Sound of Music?
My parents tell me I am cute such as Gretl but they say We are cheekier than her.

Vivaan Lalvani as Kurt von Trapp

Vivaan Lalvani as Kurt vonseiten Trapp
Age group 11, Dulwich College (Singapore)

Have long have you been involved with acting and singing?
I’ve in no way done any acting training, but I’ve been doing a little bit of singing in the school choir and I have been learning piano pertaining to the past five years

What do a person like in order to do to have enjoyable?
To have fun, We play video games, read, hang out with my friends and play sports.

How will you balance school work and rehearsals?
My school has been extremely supportive and really happy meant for me; they’ve said that they will help me handle my curriculum around rehearsals and performances. They are equally excited about this opportunity designed for me in order to learn plus grow as a person.

Exactly how many  instances have you  watched The Sound of Songs film?
I watched it for the first time when We were 6 and adored it so much that I have seen it well over 25 times.

That which was the season casting process like for you?
I actually found it fun but also quite stressful during the particular cuts. I enjoyed the rehearsals and learning but I also experienced tired from times since my body wasn’t used to this.

What’s been the hardest part about your role?
Chocolates and milk are some of our favourite things and giving them up is the hardest part.
(Sometimes, stars eliminate certain foods while rehearsing to protect their voice).

Has anything just for you changed since a person were selected?
People treat myself differently. They call me Kurt plus all my parent’s friends keep congratulating me and asking me personally to sing. My buddies treat myself exactly the same mainly because at the end of the day, I’m still the particular same Vivaan.

Are a person much like your character, Kurt from your Sound of Music?
Yes, very. I am always hungry and am act tough on the outside but am soft plus sensitive upon the inside.

Chloe Mackie, as louisa von Trapp

Chloe Mackie as Louisa von Trapp
Age 13, XCL World Academy Singapore

Have long have you been involved in acting and performing? Where do you do classes?
I have already been acting and singing for just over 4 years in school and I’ve been a part of many school productions plus they’ve taught me so much about the industry, yet I’ve never ever had the particular opportunity to do theater professionally therefore this all has already been such a pleasant surprise! I have done courses at Sing’Theatre for two many years and it has helped me a great deal to learn and develop as a young actor.

Just how did you find the auditions?
I was surprised because this is definitely my first ever professional audition and I actually was extremely much aware that a person don’t obtain cast for about 98% of casting call. Some individuals I’ve worked with previously, such because my voice teacher and previous directors, said they knew through the beginning which i would get the particular role, which I was happy but surprised regarding.

What do you think when you are usually up on phase?
It is such a wonderful feeling being able to become on the stage plus perform within front associated with people. It’s always so enjoyable since of course, acting and singing plus dancing is one of the biggest delights in the life, yet also because you have been working on this particular show, this song, this particular project, whatever it may be, and you are finally capable to show what you’ve been performing and share it along with the globe, and it is such a blessing in order to be able to discuss such the delicate plus joyous encounter with an audience; it’s a feeling that truly is irreplaceable.

We understand you like to research your characters well – have you found anything surprising or interesting about the original von Trapp story?
I used to be very surprised to find that will in the original Von Trapp family all of the children had different names and were named Agathe, Rupert, Maria, Werner, Hedwig, Johanna, and Martina. Also i discovered out that there were more than 7 children and that there were in fact 10 but the most youthful 3 were not included in the musical and movie.

Travis Teo as Kurt von Trapp
Age 12, Bukit Timah Primary College

Have you had any kind of experience or even classes within acting or singing?
I started taking Musical and Theatre lessons whenever I has been 9 years old. I learned how in order to act, perform and dance from the training.

How long have got you already been thinking about music theatre?
I’ve usually loved getting onstage. The first stage experience had been at four years of age when I was in Kindergarten. We remembered not really being nervous at almost all but enjoying every moment of the performance. Seeing how much I actually enjoyed personally on phase, my mom signed me upward for Speech and Drama lessons and then Musical theatre when I was old. My dream is to proceed to SOTA next year to do Theater there.

Exactly what prompted a person to go for the auditions?
Honestly, I went for the particular audition without any expectations. It was more with regard to the experience than anything else. My Music & Theatre teacher, Ms. Jess constantly encourages us to move for casting call to gain encounter.

All the best kiddos, we can’t wait around to watch you on stage!

The particular Sound of Music can be showing with Sands Theater at Marina Bay from 22 Nov.