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Photo: Keri René Fuller portrays Jane Seymour in Six the Musical. Photo courtesy of Michael Kushner Photography / Provided by BBB with permission.

Although Broadway has had its struggles over the past few years thanks to the particular pandemic, there are some bright spots amongst the glistening marquees. Perhaps the brightest is the continued success of Six the Musical , the particular vastly entertaining and engaging show from creators Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss. The musical, which is now a hit around the globe, continues the sell-out run at the Lena Horne Theatre in Midtown Manhattan.

Six tells the story associated with six historical women and how they are reclaiming their voices plus their “her-story” from the history books. Many experts in English royal history have simply painted their own legacies with a broad brush, noting them as the “wives of King Henry VIII, ” but 6 goes deeper with these characters, giving them agency and empowerment, letting them tell their particular own story over the particular course associated with 80 minutes. There’s Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anna of Cleves, Katherine Howard and Catherine Parr, and they have more than a few energetic songs to sing — concert-style along with mics within hands and a rocking band to back them up.

Keri René Fuller has been with the show for quite a few time in the character associated with Jane Seymour. Her journey to Six has been filled with ups and downs — plus one large pandemic that got in the way.

“I was auditioning for this back when I was still on tour with Cats , ” Fuller said in a recent phone interview. “I has been on trip as Grizabella within the North American visit of Pet cats , and we were in Toronto. It was one of our last cities, and they’re like, ‘So there’s this musical. ’ I had heard of 6 , but I had only listened to it a few times. And then they called, and they’re like, ‘Do you want to audition? ’ I had been like, ‘Yeah, I do. ’ I auditioned, and I came back through Cats and the world shut down, just perfect timing. ”

During the particular pandemic, whenever in-person auditions were not allowed, Fuller would send in self-tapes to the casting directors. She ended up auditioning more than a dozen times with regard to Six , but she didn’t book the show. “I found out that they were not moving forward with me, so I was such as OK, that’s fine, ” she stated. “I discovered out at the end of 2021, and just moving on with my life, and then I get a call out of the blue in February [2022] asking if I could start rehearsals the next day for the Broadway company. ”

Fuller, who also appeared on Broadway in Jagged Little Pill and Waitress, said the girl has always loved one-act shows like Six , and she’s also appreciative of music scores that will lean a lot more toward rock and pop. In college, she performed in the particular show Murder Ballad , which has a similar immersive rock and roll feel.

“What resonated with me more is that there were going to be six people on that will stage that were top tier at what they do, ” Larger said about the show. “We all had a chance, individually and together as the group, in order to shine. All of us have our own solos. Most of us get to be forefront of a Broadway display for just the snippet of time, and also we get to support each other and help each other shine more. I feel so lucky in order to be a part of a company and a show that prioritizes excellence because you have to be [excellent] if you’re doing this particular show. I am in awe all the time, and not just of the people on stage with me personally. The way that our costume department has to work off-stage. Our hair department, anytime we leave the stage, they’re brushing our tresses to make sure we look fantastic, and costumes are adjusting us and all that stuff. It’s just so cool. It is unlike anything that has ever already been on Broadway and probably ever will be upon Broadway, in my humble opinion. ”

Fuller, who offers a new EP coming out soon, was familiar with the English background that will be discussed within the musical. She provides been fascinated by the particular Tudors as well as the royal family for years. When she was in university, which was a conservatory, the lady had to take a number of liberal arts courses, and she usually trended toward European history and specifically English background.

“I’ve been fascinated by this story regarding so long plus also everything that happened outside of it, yet funnily enough, I wasn’t as familiar with Jane due to the fact she isn’t that front in the history publications, ” Larger said. “It is very much about Holly and his six wives as opposed to who were these types of six wives. You, associated with course, hear a lot about Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon, but I never really heard much about Jane. So it was really amazing to get to dive into her and see her because a real person. ”

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Six, featuring Keri René Fuller, continues performances at the particular Lena Horne Theatre on Broadway. Click here intended for more information and tickets.